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Improve your productivity for the Garment Industry

An image of a person tracing patterns to a piece of paper.

You Might Recognise this?

This way of creating your marker is not so efficient because, you have to trace each piece and its annotations onto paper. This way is very time consuming, if this is the way you are working at the moment, I will tell you how you can improve! A great step in the right direction would be digitizing your existing patterns, by digitizing your patterns your end product would be a digital file (Please take a look at our article "How Will A Digitizer Help My Business?"about digitizing if you need more info on this topic). The digital file can be stored away on the computer or the cloud, like (Google Drive, Dropbox etc.) and be used as many times as you like. The next step would be to send your digital file which will generally be a (.DXF) to the following:

  1. Send it to a CAD System

  2. Send it to a Plotter

  3. Send it to a Service

Send it to a CAD System

Lets talk about the above three options. A CAD (Computer Aided Design) System can import this digital file and create a graded pattern or a marker. A marker in few words is a rectangle with patterns inside, generally arranged to not waste fabric. The image below is a marker that was generated in our Audaces CAD System.

An image of a computer generated marker from Audaces

This marker can then be sent to a wide format plotter to be printed and then laid on top of your fabric/material, to begin cutting. Like the following:

This is an image of a Velocity Vector Model printing out a marker
This is a image of a person cutting out the patterns from the material

This will make increase your productivity as you no longer have to draw each pattern onto paper or fabric each time that you would like to cut.

Send it to a Plotter

The second option is to send it to a plotter. After digitizing your pattern you have an option to send it to the plotter. With our VSHOOT digitizing camera system you can digitize multiple pattern pieces at one time. Below you can see camera digitizing in action:

This is a image of the VShoot Digitizing multiple patterns at once.

These pieces when sent to the plotter via the VShoot create a mini marker which will still save material. The plotter will receive the file and start to print out your mini marker.

Send it to a Service

The last option would be to send it to a service. What service can I send it to? You can send it to the following:

  • A Marking/Grading Service

  • A Cutting Service

A Marking/Grading Service can create a marker and maybe print it out for you. This will save you time on creating a marker and printing it out. Now this is not the most cost effective way because it can get expensive but it can be a good idea for a short time. The best idea would be to purchase a digitizer / camera digitizer and a wide format plotter, these products will be a one time purchase that will last a long time.

Below is our CAD System:

Below is our wide variety of wide format Plotters:

Below is our Camera Digitizing System:

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