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Pen Plotter Vs. Inkjet Plotter

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

Pen Plotter

A Pen plotter is an older obsolete way of plotting, this form of plotter only plots in an areas of about 25". This form of plotting is very slow as it's not a continuous plot and has write every letter and vector line. The connection type is generally serial port, which is not very reliable. Serial port connections tend to disconnect at times and a ton of troubleshooting is needed to reconnect. When in need of service for a pen plotter it is difficult to find the parts, if you do find parts it is expensive. Manufactures are no longer producing these plotters and have moved to inkjet plotters.

Inkjet Plotter

A Inkjet plotters is the new way to plot out your patterns or markers. It plots continuously, which increases its speed. Inkjet plotters come in a One Head, Two Head, Three Head and Four Head. Not only printing continuously increases it speed but also the number of heads allow for a wider print area per left(positive) or right(negative) pass. The connection type can be USB or Ethernet, which makes it compatible with all desktop or laptops. We always have parts in stock in the case that our products need a part. For more information you can contact us and we will be more than happy to assist.

What Plotters We Have To Offer

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