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The ultimate high-ply cutting machine working at its highest capacity for all types of full production needs.

Velocity Plotters NeoCut Bravo High-Ply Cutting Machine


Audaces Neocut Bravo is one of the best high-ply cutting machines out in the market. The Neocut Bravo has a true electronic brain, with more than 300 sensors to ensure it is cutting at its maximum capacity for all different types of material and different layer heights.


The quality in cutting with zero space between patterns is set automatically in the Neocut Bravo, guaranteeing that the machine will cut at its highest quality from the first layer to the last, with the maximum use of material.

The Cutting Head

The robust cutting head carries the most intelligent blade system and sensors that allow the machine to accurately cut dense or light material. The blade is continually monitored to ensure precise cutting regardless of the complexity of the patterns or the type of material.

Available options: 

Cooling System

Hot Drill

Intelligent Knife LVDT

Structural System for heavy materials 

Denim, Kevlar, Etc..


NeoCut Bravo
NeoCut Bravo

Exclusive and innovative features

NeoCUT Bravo sensors can identify the material height and hardness, allowing to automatically set the machine parameters with speed, vibration of the knife, sharpening strategy and other tools to achieve the best performance and quality. With all these sensors, the productivity and excellent execution of the projects are assured, without losses, and an excellent finish.

Safe for your Cutting Production

Safety is not a small detail with the Neocut Bravo. It is the safest cutting machine in the world due to its security laser barrier that interrupts its operation as soon as the machine’s work area is invaded, avoiding any accident. The operation restart is automatic and instant, at the point that it stopped at, without the intervention of the operator.

Safe Cutting with NeoCut Bravo
Heavy Duty Cutting with NeoCut Bravo

Cutting heavy materials to delicate lightweight fabrics

The Intelligent Blade system and sensors enable Neocut Bravo to accurately cut dense or light materials. The deflection of the cutting blade is monitored continuously to ensure the perfect cut, regardless of the complexity of the patterns or the characteristics of the fabric. Contours, markings and notches are made with precision.

Technical Features:

  • Cutting height from 2 inches to 3 inches of compressed layers

  • Cutting window 180cm x 175cm

  • Automatic vacuum controller

  • Electrical Specification: 3-phase 380 v 50/60 Hz

  • Communication: Ethernet / Wireless

  • Maximum cutting speed: 100 m / min

  • Noise: less than 75 dB

  • Average power consumption: 9 kW

Available Cutting Window Sizes: 

5.90 FT X 5.74 FT 

5.90 FT X 6.88 FT

6.88 FT X 6.88 FT 

7.21 FT X 5.74 FT

7.21 FT X 6.88 FT 

Technical Features of the NeoCut Bravo
Optional Accessories for the NeoCut Bravo

Optional Accessories

  • Knife cooling system

  • Hot drill

  • Intelligent Blade LVDT

  • Structural system for heavy materials

  • Continuous cutting system

  • Barcode reader

  • Print label system 

  • Security system – laser barrier

  • Double drill ( 1 HOT ) 

  • Motorized Lateral movement 

  • Sealing system

  • Special Knife for the Shoe Industry 

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