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Nicole Herrera works in the industry of manufacturing car mats for her clients. She stated, that all her work is made by hand, which is a great way to start, but now that she has loads of work she is not able to take more work in because of "time". So she asked us to come over to her facility and guide her through the process of saving time and money.


Let us explain her process, she is getting her paper pattern pieces and putting them on top of the fabric of choice to be able to first trace them to essentially be able to put it on top of the fabric so they can cut it out. You should first know that she has a wall filled with these paper pattern pieces, sometimes she will use them depending on the customer because of course there are many cars out in the market, so spending on what the customer is requesting, she will use either a pattern piece of a car seat piece or dash covers. Now, knowing that she has all these pattern pieces (80 or more) we think that is very risky, why you may ask. Well for starters, it’s paper, paper can easily rip, get stained, or worse, it can get wet from rain or get burned from a fire, in other words, natural disasters.

Now, to prevent and avoid this worry, we have a solution. The digitizing camera system. What is a camera digitizer you may ask, well here you go. We have developed a system that digitizes your paper patterns into a digital format. It vectorizes your pieces, captures your notches and curves, graylines all in one push of a click. Once the pieces are digitized all this will be exported into a digital format, now this is saving you space and avoiding anything to happen to your paper patterns. They are at easy reach and can be easily manipulated and best of all you save the time of tracing…

Second step, How do I get them printed? Don’t I need to print them to be able to cut fabric? Yes, with a Velocity Plotter you are able to print your files easily and faster. All you do is upload your digital file to the Velocity Control center and click print.

Voila, now your process has just become two steps easier, essentially saving you time and what is time? Time is money! We at Velocity Plotters will save you time and money, guaranteed.

The biggest question is, How much money will this cost? Well at Velocity Plotters we have different options for customers. You don't necessarily have to buy the system, but you can also rent and use it as you go. This means you can rent it for a couple of weeks/ months or however long you need it and have your digital files ready to use, at a much cheaper rate. So yes, there is an opportunity to grow your business and accept more work, why… because your workflow will be faster and smarter…

Grow your business with us! Free consultations/guidance now at Velocity Plotters.

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