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How Will A Digitizer Help My Business?

What is a Tablet/Board Digitizer?

This form of digitizing is still in use today but will start to fade away in the near future, due to it being obsolete/discontinued by a lot of manufactures. This makes purchasing parts / cursors difficult because they are hard to find and when found they are generally expensive. When it comes to speed you are limited to digitizing each piece one by one. Moving on to the connection type which is via Serial port or Serial port to USB, it is not reliable. Serial port connection will sometimes disconnect and in some cases you will need to change the com port or continue to troubleshoot until it reconnects.


  • Normally transfers digital file to CAD system automatically.

  • Ability to protect your digital files once digitized (like storing them on the cloud).


  • You can only Digitize One by One, SLOW

  • Uses Serial port to connect with computer/CAD System

  • Discontinued (Hard to find parts)

  • Takes a lot of space

  • Needs to be connected directly to computer/CAD System

  • Not compatible with every CAD System (You would need to purchase specifically for the CAD System you are using)

  • Inaccurate & Error prone

  • No way to check if the digitized lines are accurate.

What is a Camera Digitizer?

A Camera Digitizer (VShoot System) is an advanced software that will vectorize all patterns on the working area accurately. Vshoot will ignore pattern markings and internal lines if requested. We pride ourself on calibration as it is done once. This advance camera digitizing software can be used in a wide variety of industries like automotive, marine, apparel, composites, sewn and textiles. The software captures the vector lines from the edge of the patterns, notches and drill holes, you then export a digital (.DXF) file and import it into your CAD system. Once the import is complete you are free to do as you wish with the pattern like (print, edit, grade etc.). This system will decrease the time you spend digitizing individual patterns significantly and increase your productivity. Start storing your patterns in the cloud or in a USB today!

Below you can see a few different use cases:

5 Benefits to a Camera Digitizer

  1. Speed (Get your styles/patterns digitized faster, increase your productivity).

  2. Accurate, Capturing the edge of your pattern pixel by pixel.

  3. Compatible with All CAD Systems in the Market

  4. Ability to store your files away in the cloud (Google Drive, Dropbox etc.) or a digital format (USB,SSD, HDD etc.).

  5. Small Footprint, (Can be placed anywhere, very portable)

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