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Pattern Digitizing

V Shoot digitizing camera system can be connected to all existing CAD systems in the Market. The V Shoot camera digitizing system is specially developed software, helping to import vectorized pattern pieces into a computer CAD software.


This top-notch camera digitizing system is very useful when you have lots of paper patterns to digitize and transfer the vectorize patterns into your CAD system. This digitizing system can be used in different Industries - mapping, streaming, drawing and tracing in the garments, furniture, leather goods, automotive parts, metal or composite sheets and many more. This process traditionally required a table digitizer.

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One Time Calibration

V Shoot has a huge leeway over contending systems, that it doesn't need calibration. Calibration is troublesome if you are going to need to calibrate every single time. If either the table or the camera moves from its unique area most frameworks should be re-aligned before they can be utilized. worst scenario, improper adjustment calls lead to mistaken assembling.

Spreading out the patterns alone ordinarily takes a few minutes with table digitizers, and includes sticky tape which is tedious to stick and eliminate. Manual digitizing records just each point in turn and takes significantly more. Additionally most photograph digitisers require alignment which takes a lot of time and causes interruptions.

VShoot can be programmed for automatic shooting with the press of a single click, and can even consequently extricate the last picture taken and download it to be vectorized. V shoot offers a bigger digitizing area which permits you to digitize bigger patterns than in some other digitizing systems don't have that ability.


V Shoot vectorized pictures into patterns with all the accuracy you would anticipate from table digitizers.

Smart Tablet


Compatible with all major CAD/CAM software via DXF - AAMA. DXF AND PLT files export. Compatible systems include Gerber, Assyst, Lectra, Optitex, Gemini, StyleCAD, Polypattern, Tukatech, Audaces, AutoCAD, Adobe Illustrator, SolidWorks, Corel Draw, PAD system and many more.

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