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New To The Collection 



Our Elite Three Head model comes in 70", 78" & 86" inches wide, to meet all your production needs.


It can hold a 500 yard roll of paper and print to the bar or straight to the floor continuously (Normally plots to the floor are for small runs like 5 - 10 yards).


This wide format plotter can be connected via USB or LAN and comes with its own control center. The control center for the plotter has a hot/queue folder that waits to receive / plot files from your CAD system.


New to our family of plotters the Elite Model Series. With R&D in late May of 2018 and finally produced in 2021. A new innovation of a three head plotter. A plotting output at a speed of 65 - 75 yards per hour. This CAD plotter is compatible with all the Apparel, Furniture, Automotive, and Sewn products industries using a CAD system, Plotting your markers or individual pattern pieces coming directly from your CAD system exporting (.PLT. .HPGL .HPG. .DWG and .DXF files).


This is definitely a time saving wide format plotter with Ink jet technology and different plotting widths to choose from. Easy paper install and operation made simple for any user. From the most modern office space to the busiest production floor, the Velocity Elite Series is ready for the biggest workflow challenges. About our Digital Cutters


  • Cost Reduction on paper - This plotter can print on recycled paper.

  • Cost reduction on Ink Cartridges - This plotter can also use HP compatible ink cartridges.

  • Auto Plot - Allows you to queue up your files and they will automatically print in oder and save time.

  • Time - No need to draw your patterns onto your material.​​

Plots Your Marker Files

A Marker from a CAD System

The Elite plotter can plot your markers precisely up to scale coming directly from your CAD system.

The Elite plotter Series has a unique three heads for a superior ability and quality to print/plot your makers at production speeds.


A Close up of the Velocity Elite Series Three Head

The Three Head Design allows the plotter to increase the print area to approximately 1.5 inches each pass. 

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