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Why Should I Choose a New Plotter, Rather Than a Used One or Outsourcing Deliverables?

Inkjet plotters are the standard for all types of garment industries including apparel, industrial fabrics, textiles, shoe manufacturing, interior designs—aerospace, automotive and marine—and sewn manufactured products. Plotters are ideal for streamlining production, minimizing waste and creating efficiencies in your processing.

Plotters are an investment in your business. While it may seem intuitive to look into purchasing gently used plotters to increase production without digging heavily into your bottom line, used plotters can ultimately be more expensive than you are initially sold.

Typically, the used plotters you find for sale are discontinued. Discontinued items are placed on clearance racks because the manufacturer is no longer producing them. When an item is not being produced, replacement parts are no longer being manufactured. And when the manufacturing line is dropped, service associated with discontinued products come to an abrupt end.

Velocity Plotters & Cutters company relies on many years of market experience and has established an extremely stable, continuously expanding and perfect sale and after-sale service network.

Buying a new plotter from Velocity Plotters & Cutters company provides you with many benefits. Not only can the capabilities and functionality of our products match your industry’s niche; the plotters also work with most apparel CAD programs (including Gerber AccuMark, Optitex, PAD system, Tukatech and more) in many countries world-wide. Our programming platform has the capacity to read more files, even when customers are operating under a different CAD system.

Velocity Plotters & Cutters supports long-lasting, customer-service driven solutions for your new plotter purchase. There is never a monthly or yearly service contract attached to the sale. Rather, a robust warranty plan accompanies each purchase and when the warranty ends, service is charged on a per-need basis.

Outsourcing production is another way you can end up paying more for services. Usually, a plotting service charges per copy or charges based on yards. In addition to these costs, you oftentimes are spending time dropping off and picking up your raw materials or paying additional shipping fees. There is also the time associated with file compatibility and the extra hidden fees you pay to convert your files. Finally, your deadlines are based on the bandwidth and timeframe of others. This can become a stress

ful and expensive process.

With Velocity Plotters & Cutters, you will own your plotter outright. They work with most apparel CAD systems in the market, offer the most diversity on file compatibility and give you the freedom to plot and print at your leisure—even overnight! Owning a plotter means you will meet your deadlines, every time, and you will enjoy the freedom of creating your own production schedule.

Owning and integrating smart plotter equipment maximizes business efficiencies, creates smooth flow to your operations, and achieves time- and money-savings in your production.

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