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This is a new innovative concept of an inkjet/Cutter plotter. It is capable of satisfying any printing and cutting needs, thanks to its stability and reliability.

The Velocity Inkjet / Cutting technology is available in one head and one cutting tool, it can print using a standard HP cartridge. For pattern making plotting and cutting / perforating up to 49 inches.


It comes in two sizes: 49 and 64 inches.


For those who want to plot and cut / perforate their pattern pieces as well as plotting their markers this plotter also comes in a 64 inch wide format.


This system can read ISO files, HPGL, HPGL2, PLT, and some DXF, DWG files. The communication is set through a standard USB 2.0 port or LAN connection. Available flatbed cutter

Velocity Plotters Inkjet Pattern Plotter Cutter
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