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The Velocity Flatbed Plotter is used in garment, shoes, furniture and industrial fabric industries.

This Flatbed cutting plotter has a special and durable material, that makes the cutting surface smoother, cut easier and lower consumable cost. Long and hard knife design for various materials: e.g. thick Cardboard, paper, PVC, and Plastic Board.

As for the function of our flatbed cutter:


* You could tell the flatbed to print the vectorize lines and the annotation first and then you could tell the plotter to cut.

* You can tell the plotter to just do the annotation of the inside of the piece and then just cut the outside vectored lines without printing.

Note: The plotter will not print and cut at the same time it would only do one function first and then do the other as I mentioned before you can program it to do either or.

Available sizes:

47" X 35"

59" X 35"

59" X 47"


This system can read ISO files, HPGL, HPGL2, PLT and some DXF, DWG, PDF files format. The communication is set through a standard USB 2.0 port or LAN connection. Available pattern cutter.

Vinyl, Cardboard, Brown / Kraft paper, Plotter paper, Tag / manila paper, Canvas roll.

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