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Cut Pro X1 Single Ply Cutter

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& Reduce Operating Cost

The Cut Pro X1 cutting system is a single-ply cutter that has an advanced control system. We pride ourselves in its Cutting speed, high-precision and strong stability. Standardized and open interfaces allow for integration in any production workflow.

A single ply fabric cutting machine with a driven rotary tool and electric Oscillating tool, Rotary blade, ideal option for made-to-measure, sample room, small orders, in industries like PPE, Aviation, Automotive, Defense, Apparel, Canvas Gasket, vinyl, and Webbing.

These are the industries that rely on high-performance cutting technology. The Cut Pro X1 will give you more effective efficiency on your cutting. Do you have thick single ply material cutting needs?  Do you have the special-shaped custom production? Or have a high demand sample room in your apparel facility?  Want to replace mold processing or your manual cutting to enhance the competitiveness of products? If so, our Cut Pro X1 intelligent cutting machine helps you accomplish the production you need. Making the efficiency increase more than three times, with our unique multi-partition technology and conveyorized cutting bed. Cut Pro X1 has a highly intuitive interface for the use and functioning of all controls and is easy to integrate with CAD-CAM solutions in an independent or shared manner.

Tool Advantages

Multiple tool mounts enable you to use a straight knife, wheel knife, pounce (perforating) wheel, notching tool, or drill, up to three at one time, reducing time lost during tool changes. Pressure on the tools can be individually regulated to accommodate various materials and applications.

High-speed servo drive, enhanced tool motion and powerful software tools. Non-value-added costs are eliminated, because there is no need for spreading machinery, spreading labor and building space. Also, the Digital Cutter eliminates the cost of paper underlay or plastic overlay. Simplified material handling, reduced tooling, and flexible production management all add up to reduced operating costs. The cutter's small footprint can greatly reduce floor space requirements.


Available Tools?


Oscillating Knife

Our Digital Cutter can carry an oscillating blade. Unlike a fixed blade this moves like a pendulum and can cut softer materials, which would clog or deform a standard blade. This knife unit moves at a speed of 2,000 cutting strokes a minute and has a maximum cutting depth of 50mm (2 inches).

Combining this improved cutting with our software solutions, such as programs to use common cutting lines, can reduce wastage and make processes more efficient.


The routing spindle is designed for continuous or extended production runs. For heavy-duty, high speed drilling applications, the blade in this tool allows for very high processing speed and a clean, efficient workflow. Cutting occurs in pressure mode. The pressure settings can be adjusted to precisely match material properties and desired cut quality.

Drag Knives

The use of a drag knife allows for maximum processing speeds, and compared to motor-driven tools, the UCT is very inexpensive to purchase and maintain. A spring-loaded glide show permits cutting very fine details. Optionally, a fixed glide shoe can be used for cutting at set depths.

Oscillating Knife
Router Unit
Drag Knife
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