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Velocity Plotter Vector Two heads comes in 66, 72 and 82 inches wide.

Easy Installation, plug, and play



High printing speed of 50 - 65 Yards per hour using HP 45 cartridges.


Compatible with most popular CAD softwares.

Printing HPGL, PLT,  and some DXF, DWG, PDF File formats.


Connects with a USB cable or LAN connection.


The Vector model can hold a 500-yard roll of paper. Plotting up 200 yards to the take-up bar continuously or it can also print onto the floor without using the take-up bar. When plotting onto the floor is used when plotting a small run (small marker 5 - 10 yards) No need to plot on the take-up bar.

Velocity Plotter's Vector Two Head Plotter
Overlapping Triangles
Velocity Plotter's Vector Two Head
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