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The XL cutting machine for your wide production rooms

With the SmartCUT-XL you can cut your wide textured fabric. For SmartCut- XL Dimensions have no limits.

Digitize your layouts straight on to the cutting machine, up to 6 meters long!

Velocity Plotters SmartCut - XL Cutter
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Vectorized Cut

The SmartCUT-XL has been designed to permit the digitization of enormous shapes straight onto the machine, for any particular extra-wide materials. The cutting plane area along with the collecting area becomes the digitization area, allowing you to digitize your patterns/templates. This component requires the presence of 2 cameras situated at an appropriate separation over the whole zone. Our development, subsequent to fixing the photos dispensing with the twisting, deciphers the outcome and concentrates just the vectorized shapes.

The product can create an incredibly exact outcome, with a precision of around +/ - 0.5 mm. All the attributes of the piece are distinguished (perimeter, notches, stitches, holes, and notes inside the piece).

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Fully equipped with the right tools

The SmartCUT-XL cutting head is built with 3 apparatus tool stations.


The two outside workstations are equipped for logging cutting devices for which development around their pivot is required. In the particular case, SmartCUT-XL houses a turning cutting device with a decagonal sharp edge and a wavering cutting apparatus.


The rapid decagonal edge permits to cut milder and thinner materials.


The wavering cutting apparatus permits the cutting of thicker and harder materials.


 The central station can house discretionary tools, for example, the nib to check pieces or a drill to get into small openings.

Velocity Plotters SmartCut - XL Cutting Head
Velocity Plotters SmartCut - XL Cutter
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