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Velocity Plotters SmartCut - LH Cutter


With the SmartCut - LH you can meet all your cutting needs when it comes to cutting both various kinds of cowhide available and the boundless texture varieties of leathers.

This cutting machine is designed with a front stacking region that permits a simple spreading of enormous entire skins on the cutting area, as well as a support for spreading the leather hide.

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A precisely quick and safe cutting tool

The SmartCUT-LH cutting head is furnished with two exact, fast, and incredibly reliable cutting tools to address all your cutting needs. When needed to cut hard leather, delicate leather skin, or textured fabric you can put complete trust in the SmartCUT-LH system. With this system, you can set up boundless cutting settings for each sort of material.

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The creative photoelectric control framework incredible for Calfskin stacking

The SmartCUT-LH allows the operator to oversee cowhide stacking much more seamlessly due to the creative photoelectric sensor framework. 


Because the width of the cutting machine is over 3 meters, this will allow the users to reach the forward and backward push buttons of the material placed on the two sides of the whole frame. This extraordinary framework permits to do this activity from any situation by just notwithstanding the light beam passing between the producer and reflector. The interference of the beam (ideal for progression and left for withdrawal) imparts a sign to the control board permitting the floor covering to be enacted the ideal way.


The user will be able to focus on stacking with an extreme fixation for a straightforward and safe outcome, all while not having to move from their station.

Illustration of person using Velocity Plotters SmartCut-LH Cutting Head

Defect on the leather?

Not a problem

The SmartCUT is built with a natural LED-Light that permits you to see the leather and highlight the defects. During the drafting activity, the operator can stamp imperfections or qualify certain areas with the most extreme precision, all by using the built in lighting along with the whole opening of the machine. The ViewMatch system can check for imperfections and be displayed on the system to increase accuracy.


Once this is done, the user can position the pieces to be cut incredibly rapidly and precisely, staying away from zones of inferior quality or with the presence of defects.

SmartCut - LF LED Light Technology Allows You to See Defects
Velocity Plotters SmartCut-LH Illustration
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