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Are you producing made to order or perhaps custom made? simply cutting a single layer of fabric? The SmartCut single-ply cutter has a smart and powerful head for cutting different types of materials soft and some hard-to-cut material applications in various industries, With its expeditious performance and its meticulous smart system cutting tools, there's no limit in such industries as Apparel, Shoes, Accessories, Gasket, Packaging, PPE, Home furnishing, Automotive Interiors, Sporting goods, Camping, Outdoor gear and Jumpers and much more.  

Velocity Plotters SmartCut cutting head


Minimum maintenance & extremely precise accuracy, that's SmartCut! 

A Smart cutting machine that requires minimum maintenance. Performing at a robust and precise accuracy. 

Our cutting tools are furnished with the best quality motors that produce high revolution speed with the outcome of perfect cutting by a huge number of strokes per minute. 

Due to our robust tool system, we ensure to cut fabric materials of all kinds. The Smart system allows easy blade changing and minimum maintenance. The SmartCUT cutting head can also be modified with further tools such as wheel knives, oscillating knife, notching tools, and punches. 

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The Developed Algorithm

The SmartCUT- has the intelligence to accurately plan the cutting path, on account of a calculation developed by SmartCut, making the machine know precisely the direction for each cut and the descent height of the tool to ensure a constant penetration of the blade into the textured fabrics to guarantee a constant, exact cut.


This particular component also allows a great decline in wear & tear of consumable parts.

Velocity Plotters SmartCUT
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Velocity Plotters SmartCut Cutting Machine

Capture The Perfect Match

The SmartCUT is designed with a photographic system which allows the operator to put the pieces on the fabric straightforwardly through the PC, this prevents problems positioning the model relative to the fabric. The system simply captures a photo of the cutting plane on which the textured fabric had been recently laid. The image, fixed by our innovation algorithm, is shown on the screen and from here the operator attempts to mastermind his own pieces to be cut by simply utilizing the mouse.


This design which is called “ViewMatch” has been developed to ease your workflow and is the quickest and best framework for situating pieces to be cut on your textured fabric. This design has various useful tools that will permit you to zoom, coordinate nestings, move or pivot single pieces, alter the cutting grouping, and substantially more...making your cutting room much more reliable.

Disregard massive and costly unrolling systems!

The SmartCUT is furnished with an intelligent cradle that is essentially splendid for your production room... The cradle support with which the SmartCUT is equipped with a genuine feature, it works by simply Unrolling and re-rolling the texture directly from the PC, we promised you will be intrigued!

Velocity Plotters Smart Cut Cutting Head

Protect your workplace with the right safety measures

The SmartCUT is protected with the right safety measures for your business. The cutting room operator is constantly shielded from the working area of the machine. Our program has a designed framework to prevent if there should be an occurrence of impedance between the machine and the operator. The pillar is furnished with a twofold photoelectric sensor that crosses the whole width of the machine body. The stations of these sensors on the front and back permit quick closure of activities in case of an outer body crossing the light beam. 


A similar guideline is embraced for halting in case of an impact between the user and the bar on the machine. The cutting head is additionally secured by a cover box that forestalls admittance to the cutting area. A sensor situated on the head, which can't be circumvented, ensures the beginning of cutting securing the machine conditions.

The Conveyor Framework

Our cutting arrangements are outfitted with what is called a high-quality conveyor system. This implies that the machine is furnished with a shut ring belt with the twofold capacity of the foundation for cutting (conciliatory material) and methods for moving the material to be cut.


Because of this framework, the cutting stages are mechanized, from the stacking of the material up to the vehicle of the cut in the assortment territory. This permits, on account of realized progressions constrained by our product, to cut settling with any longer lengths than the physical length of the helpful cutting zone of the machine.


The settling of the nesting is separated into cutting windows and towards the finish of everyone, a progression is made and the cutting is continued passing to the following window. This strategy is rehashed until the whole length of the stacked arrangement is depleted.

Velocity Plotters Smart Cut Cutting Head Illustration
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