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Working From Home

There are many solutions to working and keeping your business moving during Covid-19. Modern problems require modern solutions.


Exporting Files

Did you know that all CAD systems export a printing file? As you may know your CAD system currently exports generic files such as Optitex, Gerber Accumark, PAD system, Lectra, StyleCAD, Tukatech, AutoCAD, PolyGon, and Audaces.

Common issue when wanting to print a file

A frequent issue that you may come across often is when you receive a file and the file is a generic file instead of a printing file or you are sending a file to your plotter which will never be able to read to it being a generic file. The cause of the issue is simple, your customer or you should be sending the following files. ---------> which are printing files.


How to connect to your plotter if you're working from home

We can help print/plot from your home office to your business office by connecting the plotter remotely.

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