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Automation By Computer When Using A Plotter

Tracing Patterns onto Fabric getting ready to Cut out

Patterns by paper

A pattern is a template (molds) from which the parts of the garment are traced onto a fabric piece before being cut out and assembled. Patterns are usually made of paper, and sometimes made of sturdier materials such as paperboard or cardboard only if so they need to be more robust to withstand repeated use. 

Traced Patterns on Fabric Ready to Cut Out

Manually Marker Making

Once pattern pieces are made, the pattern pieces will be traced into a handmade marker which is putting all the pattern pieces together as close as possible to make a marker to be able to safe yield on fabric when sending the marker to cut. 


Starting with the Automation Process

Camera Digitizing Image

With the Velocity V Shoot digitizing system, there is no need for calibration compared to the other digitizing camera systems this is a very important thing when it comes to a digitizing camera.

Camera Digitiizing System

This system definitely replaces your digitizer no more need to use a cursor and point, point all around your pattern piece. Now with one camera and one click your pattern piece gets digitize by capturing notches, drill holes, and grain line. You can even smooth out the piece and do some editing on it.

There's No service contract or no annual fee to run the system. It's 100% compatible with any CAD program in the market like Gerber AccuMark, Lectra, Optitex, Tukatech, StyleCAD, PAD System even AutoCAD, Adobe Illustrator and VectorWorks.


Sending your digital patters to a service for marking making or using your own CAD system

Marker Created on a CAD System

Once you enter your pattern pieces into a digital format you can send them to a service that can create your marker or you can get a marker making software / system of your own.

Markers are a guide used in the cutting process. It is long sheet of bond paper with all of the pattern pieces used to make a style laid out in a configuration intended to reduce fabric waste as much as is possible, including all of the sizes you’d need of a given style. Markers are often made by computer and printed out with a plotter. The marker is laid on top of the fabric layers which cutters then. use to cut out all of the pieces at once.

Below is an image of what a computer generated marker (not particularly well made) looks like in a CAD program. This marker is for a simple bodice with facings and a short sleeve in five sizes, XS-XL.


After a marker is done on a CAD system, the marker will be ready to be plotted out on a plotter

Velocity Four Head Plotter
Setting the Traced Paper on top of the fabric

A marker is a tracing of all patterns pieces that needs to be cut out into a given style

Cutting Out the Patterns From the Fabric

One the fabric is laid out, the marker will be laid over it and the cutter uses the vector lines

to cut out the pieces either manually using an electronic cutting machine or a automatic cutting machine.

Velocity Automatic Single Ply Cutter

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